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Archive solution for Allstore, Cornwall

Case studies

March 2009

By Dominic O'Brien
Dominic O'Brien

Dominic O'Brien

Faced with the conundrum of how to accommodate 272 storage rooms within an area of just 550 square meters for Allstore, the Spaceway Group has worked with the company to produce StackiTall, an innovative solution for maximizing storage space for archive boxes and self-storage. Finding that the storage industry had no archive storage system suitable for maximizing small areas, Allstore’sManaging Director, David Stephenson turned to Spaceway to help him develop a solution.

StackiTall allows for a greater number of mobile storage units to be accommodated in a confined area through a unique system that enables the units to be pulled forward and back rather than the normal left to right. This allows easy access to boxes and enables additional units to be installed, as space is no longer needed for units to be pushed along to make way for access. The StackiTall system uses a welded chassis to ensure long-term durability. Grouted, leveled floor tracks take into account uneven floor surfaces and floor infill and ramped access points ensure personnel can operate the system efficiently whilst complying with all Health & Safety issues. Additional safety measures include integral stops on the tracks and an anti-tilt device for operator protection. Each unit is fitted with special decorative end uprights to improve esthetics and to contain the locking mechanism.

Benefits delivered
“We chose Spaceway because it had the ability to help us develop this unique concept and it has a first rate reputation for service”, said David Stephenson, MD of Allstore. “StackiTall has enabled us to achieve 272 bays to store a total of 17,260 archive boxes”.


Greater number of units accommodated in small area

Units pulled forward and back rather than left to right

Easy access to boxes

Grouted, levelled floor tracks take account of uneven floors
Complies with H&S regulations

Fitted with decorative end uprights to improve esthetics and contain locking mechanism