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Bespoke Warehouse Mezzanine Floor for Kodak in Kent

Case studies

April 2013

By Dominic O'Brien
Director, Owner

Dominic O'Brien

Spaceway have recently designed and built a completely bespoke warehouse mezzanine floor for Kodak Print Solutions in Dartford, Kent.

The mezzanine plant platform was built over 5m high so that industrial sized printers could be fitted under the mezzanine whilst raw materials were fed into the machinery from above. The mezzanine plant platform also allows the maintenance engineers to carry out routine maintenance works on the machinery with little or no disruption to the production flow literally saving the client thousands each year.

Kodak’s Head Technician, Scott Capindale said ‘We were really pleased we chose Spaceway to work with, they assisted us at all stages particularly with the designs putting forward excellent options which reduced the amount of columns we needed creating more space and accessibility.’

Spaceway Director Dominic O’Brien said ‘The project was a tough one, the design had to be perfect with little available tolerance and needed to work first time, our engineers did a great job with the design and the installers got it built in record time’.


Pictures to follow-