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Customer case study: Carte Blanche Group

Case studies

October 2015

Who is Carte Blanche Group?
Founded in October 1987, Carte Blanche Greetings Ltd is a leading greeting card and gifts business. Supplying well known and loved brands such as:

Me to You
Tatty Teddy & My Blue Nose Friends
Pudsey the Dog
Violent Veg
Wishing Well Studios

The company has enjoyed rapid growth and success, from launching the ‘Me to You’ brand in 1995 and branching into humour with the acquisition of the award-winning ‘Violent Veg’ brand in 2008 to a new collectable character brand, ‘My Blue Nose Friends’, which became an instant hit in the UK and internationally.
Subsequently, Carte Blanche Group was formed to include Carte Blanche Greetings Ltd as well as new subsidiaries Carte Blanche Australia Pty Ltd, Hotchpotch Publishing Ltd and Lello Design Ltd.

Customer Requirements
Due to rapid expansion and growth with new product lines, the Carte Blanche Group needed to expand their existing multi-tier pallet racking system within their warehouse operation in Chichester.
Providing an additional 900 ’pick bin’ locations, the solution needed to be efficient and enhance the ‘picking’ operation throughout the warehouse operation. With minimal disruption and the whole solution proposed, designed and installed before the critical Christmas trading period for the company.
Carte Blanche approached trusted partner Spaceway, who they have worked with closely over the previous ten years.

The Spaceway Solution
We quickly identified that 60 lanes of pallet live were not being utilised fully. Due to the expansion within the business, the requirement for a full pallet picking operation had reduced dramatically.
Redesigning the incumbent pallet racking system, Spaceway proposed replacing a pallet live system with a carton live operation. Meeting the customer requirements of additional picking locations, whilst reducing pallet picking requirements.
Once the design was agreed and a detailed program of works agreed, there was only a small window of opportunity to complete the installation before the critical Christmas trading period for the Carte Blanche Group.
Spaceway installed 155 levels of a carton live racking system, with each level accommodating six bin locations; exceeding the minimum customer requirements.

The Carte Blanche Group how has the capacity to accommodate all of their SKU’s and product lines. Providing an enhanced and more efficient picking operation, with room for future expansion.
Designed and installed by Spaceway within 4 weeks, all within budget and exceeding the customers’ expectations by providing an expert solution for a busy and expanding warehousing operation.
Carte Blanche were so delighted with their revamped Fulfilment Centre they published their own news story on their website. To read the news story please click here