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New Mezzanine Floor for Swindon Academy

Case studies

August 2010

By Charlie Jeary
Director, Owner - Winchester, Hampshire

Charlie Jeary

When Lydiard Academy in Swindon, Wiltshire found that they had nowhere available for their award winning dance team to practice they soon realised they would need expert help to find a solution.


Formerly known as Greendown School, The Lydiard Academy called in Spaceway to find a mezzanine floor solution so they could create extra space.

Spaceway worked hard to find the best solution that would provide extra space for the dance school without causing major disruption to the Schools day to day running. Teaming up with Swindon Borough Architects Spaceway designed a mezzanine floor within the main school hall which provided a brand new dance floor in the wasted roof space and created a vibrant new canteen and hall space at ground floor.

The mezzanine floor was robustly designed so to reduce any possible bounce effect and then fitted with heavy duty matting to help suppress any noise and vibration from the dance school activities.

With the added installation of an extra wide staircase and DDA compliant lift, access between floor levels was made safe and easy. Finally mesh infill safety railings were fitted to the floor edges and stairs to make sure that the platform was completely safe to use even for the most active of dance routines!