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Spaceway completes major pallet racking installation for Kondor

Case studies

October 2013

By Charlie Jeary
Director, Owner - Winchester, Hampshire

Charlie Jeary

Over the past decade, Kondor Ltd has grown into the one of the largest suppliers of mobile phone accessories, stocking and distributing products from the worlds leading manufacturers. In August 2013, the company completed its second phase building; a new warehouse with capacity for over 5,000 pallet spaces and 60,000 pick lines.

When it came to fitting out the new warehouse Kondor chose Spaceway. This was not only due to our long working relationship, but also because of our design and very competitively priced storage solutions. Two different storage systems were installed: one very narrow aisle system to store palletised goods. The other, a multi-tier pallet racking system, to accommodate each of Kondor’s picking lines.

How Spaceway used the two racking solutions together

The VNA system is at one end of the warehouse and made of racking rising to over 10 metres in places. Following the contours of the roof, the scheme has up to 5–6 beam levels per bay and cantilever P&Ds to cater for all the different types of products stored. The scheme is worked by wire guided narrow aisle trucks. In total, the very narrow aisle system can store in excess of 5,000 pallets.

The picking lines are stored in specially configured racking based on the tote size. Kondor have three blocks of racking to store in excess of 60,000 totes over three levels. Each block of racking rises nearly 10 metres high and is decked out so that the totes are supported across its width.

The finished product

Kondor is very happy with the completed project. Everything was finished within the timescales and budget required and Spaceway is continuing to work on other projects with the company..

Watch our video below to see how Spaceway built this bespoke warehouse storage solution for Kondor.