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Spaceway continues collaboration with CooperVision with carton racking reconfiguration

Case studies

October 2016

CooperVision Inc. is a worldwide contact lens manufacturer, with distribution centres in the UK, USA and Belgium. The company was founded in 1980 and their products are now sold in over 100 countries. Spaceway have been working with CooperVision for over a decade and had previously carried out the initial installation of the carton live storage racking system.

Customer Requirements

CooperVision needed to reconfigure part of their existing carton live racking system to accommodate different sized Stock Keeping Units (SKUs). CooperVision required a redesign of the existing system, reutilising as many existing components as possible.

The Details

We designed, together with CooperVision’s plans and ideas, a new bay layout to accommodate the new product line, which was successfully installed in over 800 locations. The installation was undertaken in two different phases over duration of four weeks.

The Spaceway Solution

We were able to reuse many different existing components, including roller tracks, dividers and front and rear beams. Once the main installations were complete, we continued to install all the identification labelling to the system. This was also very successful.

Conclusion and Benefits

The reconfiguration of the carton live racking system allowed CooperVision for complete storage flexibility in their warehouse. This enabled the company to accommodate any size items in the pickface for picking, while improving efficiencies as all the picking is now at floor leve