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Spaceway helps to keep Kite Packaging flying – Swindon

Case studies

September 2016

Kite Packaging is an online supplier of packaging materials, corrugated cardboard boxes, bubble wrap, polythene and cardboard packaging. Kite Packaging offers an extensive range of reliable affordable packaging at market-beating prices. The company has five main sites across the country and Spaceway have had a previous working relationship with Kite Packaging.

Customer Requirements

After working with Richard Anderton on the Portsmouth site installation, Spaceway were invited to quote for Kite’s Swindon site. The requirements were to provide a storage system for their new warehouse to maximise pallet storage capability.

The Details

We designed a new storage facility for Kite Packaging that fully utilised the new warehouse space. Our design was based on the use of an articulated truck, which meant that the forklift aisle could be reduced down to nearly 2000mm. This fully maximised pallet storage capacity. Installation was completed in 10 weeks, and the contract won as one deal for both sites.

The Spaceway Solution

We installed over 177 bays of pallet racking that accommodated over 2000 pallet positions. We also designed the pallet racking system with timber decking to all levels. This enabled Kite to store pallets of all sizes within the system, without compromising health and safety.

Conclusion and Benefits

This installation provided complete storage flexibility in their warehouse, and enabled Kite to accommodate any size pallets within the system. This particular system accommodated the pallet storage requirements, with room for future growth. This extra space in the new warehouse improved operational efficiencies in the company.