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VNA High Bay Pallet Racking Document Storage Installation for Newmarket based Box-It East

Case studies

February 2013

By Charlie Jeary
Director, Owner - Winchester, Hampshire

Charlie Jeary

Box It East are are a franchise of Box It UK based in Newmarket, with their ongoing aggressive marketing and high levels of customer service they have recently built a new high bay warehouse facility to accommodate the additional storage required for archive boxes.

As a long standing supplier to Box It and it’s franchises Spaceway were awarded the contract to fitout the new premises, this was down to not only understanding the clients requirements and fast response times but also very competitive pricing structure.

The project was carried out over a number of phases so that Box It could load boxes in to the pallet racking system as they were coming in during the course of the installation.

Spaceway supplied and installed a high bay very narrow aisle racking system to work with their Linde wire guided order pickers so tolerances were very tight. All levels were decked out in timber for the safe and secure storage of the boxes.

This facility once complete will store in the region 250,000 document storage boxes.