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Bespoke Mezzanine Office Design – Top Tips


April 2013

By Charlie Jeary
Director, Owner - Winchester, Hampshire

Charlie Jeary

1. Mezzanine Floors are extremely hot in summer and can be cold in winter at first floor so heating, cooling and insulation is essential.

Bespoke Mezzanine Office Design

2. 70% of staff when questioned would prefer to have an opening window near to their workspace given the choice of a window or air-conditioning.

3. Nearly half of the cost of a mezzanine floor office project is not visible as it is hidden away in the suspended ceiling and partition voids i.e air-conditioning, ventilation, and data cabling.

4. Senior Management often get allocated more than double the workspace of non managerial staff but often spend less than half of their working week situated at their desk.

5. Design and build mezzanine floor office projects are completed on average nearly 40% quicker and 20% cheaper than a traditional builder/architect solution.

6. Check the wasted space above your head if the void space has more then 4.5m clear headroom then a mezzanine floor office solution is possible.

7. Mezzanine floors can be built quicker than you think – Spaceway recently built a mezzanine structure of over 3000sq.ft within a week.

8. LED lighting in mezzanine offices is now much more affordable especially if you look at the bigger picture i.e. brighter luminance – less fittings required, savings of up to 70% off your energy costs, and the bulbs seem to last forever.

9. Building Regulations must be adhered to and staff must be able to escape from a mezzanine floor safely in the event of a fire. All aspects of fire safety should be taken into consideration including locations of stairs, emergency/exit lighting, fire protection and smoke detection, we always advise to check that your mezzanine floor complies with the latest requirements of building regulations first.

10 Speak to expert first for free, friendly professional advice, call Spaceway 01794 835 600.