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Breaking News – Baker Barracks, Thorney Island


February 2017

Baker Barracks is a British Army barracks located on Thorney Island

The British Army are carrying out extensive refurbishment works and creating more space for badly needed new office and maintenance workshop spaces.

Hampshire’s mezzanine floor and space solutions experts Spaceway, have been selected to provide a huge 9,000sq.ft two-tier mezzanine floor making full use of the spatial cubic capacity within the old aircraft hangar building currently occupied by the British Army vehicle maintenance teams. The mezzanine floor will provide new fully fitted out offices at first floor, with a storage and plant space at the second floor. The ground floor will have 12 new enclosed vehicle spaces for specialist teams to work on vehicles in a clean environment.

‘Spaceway are unique in having the expertise and experience to offer a full design and build solution for offices, mezzanine, storage and workshop spaces’.

‘The British Army could see the value in our designs ideas and the space solutions we proposed, which made full use of the available space and enabled a fast track installation programme to be implemented, these innovations ultimately gave the client confidence in our proposals’ said Dominic O’Brien of Spaceway.

The project will take 16 weeks to construct and is due to start in March 2017.