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Breaking News – Futuristic Production Facility for Cosmetic Giant


February 2017

One of the world’s largest and best-known cosmetics producer recently awarded Spaceway the contract to fit out a new futuristic production line.

Spaceway famous for their innovative mezzanine floor solutions offered to fit the new production facility in the only free space available, 4m above the current floor level on a new mezzanine floor. Space at the cosmetics factory was at such a premium that Spaceway’s idea was embraced and developed with their team of designers for many months before finally getting the go ahead from the companies New York HQ.

The project featured cleanroom standard ventilation and air filtration, LED lighting, frameless glass partitioning, and a very heavy duty mezzanine floor capable of supporting vessels of 1000kgs in weight.

The clients were so pleased with the new mezzanine floor solution that they invited Spaceway to extend their contract to an existing mezzanine floor that desperately required updating to a more modern finish.

The project completed in February 2017 and took 20 weeks to complete, on time and to budget.