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Don’t move, improve with a bespoke mezzanine floor


November 2013

By Dominic O'Brien
Director, Owner

Dominic O'Brien

Do you need more space in your current workplace without major disruption and increased costs?

At Spaceway, we are passionate about creating valuable new space in warehouses and production areas, so you don’t have to move or find new premises.

Here are 10 benefits of designing your very own bespoke mezzanine floors:

1.       Maximise the cubic capacity of your current space to use every available space.

2.       Increase efficiency of production to help reduce lead times on deliveries.

3.       Expand your existing first floor offices. Just break through onto your new, bespoke mezzanine floorspace.

4.       Free up valuable production space by moving storage to your mezzanine floor level.

5.       Fit production offices at mezzanine floor level, giving supervisors an elevated view of your operations.

6.       Install LED lighting and movement detector switches to save money on energy bills and help reduce running costs.

7.       Install additional mezzanine floor level windows to create better ventilation and natural light.

8.       Use your new mezzanine floorspace for a more efficient production flow.

9.       Extend and modify existing lighting, heating and electrics rather than purchase new.

10.   Bring your existing layouts up to meet current building regulation and fire safety requirements.

If you need help planning a new project, or you would like more information, please talk to our sales team. Alternatively, please take a moment to read our case studies to learn more about what Spaceway has done for other companies in the South East