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Dorset Mezzanine Floor Installation – Fitting a mezzanine floor in two minutes


February 2013

By Dominic O'Brien
Director, Owner

Dominic O'Brien

Dorset Mezzanine Floor – We have unveiled a new video to show just how quick and simple it is to have a mezzanine floor installed.


The video was shot as our team of expert fitters worked at the JSL Group warehouse in Dorset to install a 5,000sq ft mezzanine floor.

The project was captured on a time lapse camera and the footage has been used to create a two minute video showing how we install mezzanine floors.

The video has been very well received and goes to show just how easily we can double your space.

Some business owners may think it must be a lot of hassle having a mezzanine floor installed and this video has shown them that it really isn’t.

Even the Spaceway fit out team, which has been fitting floors for decades, has been fascinated by the video. Those behind the projects have never had a bird’s eye view of an entire project in this way before!