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Has Spaceway created the tallest mezzanine floor ever built?


June 2013

By Dominic O'Brien
Director, Owner

Dominic O'Brien

Spaceway is currently constructing what is probably the tallest mezzanine floor in the UK, standing at over 7m from warehouse floor to upper mezzanine finished floor level.

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When the UK’s leading independent distribution firm for white goods and electronic consumables went out to tender looking for a mezzanine floor specialist to help them solve a storage problem, it soon found out the team at Spaceway ticked all the boxes.

Needing a system that would allow the company to safely stack goods up to 6m high on the warehouse floor, and also utilise the spare headroom above, Spaceway designed a 7m high mezzanine floor with steel staircases at either end as well as safety mesh hand railing all round to prevent items falling from first floor.

Spaceway first had to prepare the area by de-commissioning the existing in-rack sprinkler system and dismantle 72 bays of 15m high specialist pallet racking.

The installation of the mezzanine floor followed and was completed in less than 4 weeks, including new fire protection using a sophisticated sprinkler system and lit underneath using the very latest LED lighting – which is so efficient it will save up to 70% in electrical running costs.

Dominic O’Brien, director at Spaceway, said: “Being so tall, this mezzanine installation was a bit different from the usual mezzanine floor installations we carry out on a daily basis. It provided a bit of a challenge, but I knew I could trust our construction team to install the mezzanine in a prompt and safe manner.”

Spaceway is no stranger to mezzanine floor records, having also built a mezzanine floor with over 1,000 columns back in 1996 for Phoenix Film Studios in West London. Now that probably is a record!