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How can Spaceway help the staff at your business feel healthy and productive?


April 2015

How many hours in the day do you spend sitting? If you work in an office, it’s likely you’re spending too long being sedentary and it could be affecting your motivation, productivity and even your health.


Recent research says that the dangers of sitting for too long include a higher risk of Type 2 diabetes and obesity, and states that musculoskeletal disorders worsened by sitting for long amounts of time, cause 7.6m working days to be lost per year.

So how can we combat being sedentary at work? Spaceway has recently designed a huge office fit out for Specsavers in Hampshire, which includes agile workspaces – like raised desks for standing – and collaborative spaces to encourage workers to move around and meet in different areas of the office environment.

Using a raised desk is a fantastic way to help your body feel energised during the day, as well as helping to work off some calories. Standing up to work for just half an hour will burn nearly 80 calories.

Collaborative meeting spaces can also help to introduce standing meetings. By standing for a daily briefing or catch-up, your staff are more likely to feel motivated and the meetings are kept short and to-the-point, helping to boost productivity.

Forward-thinking ideas from other companies have seen staff encouraged to stand to take a phone call, as well as banning internal email for a day to galvanise workers into walking to other people’s desks to deliver messages.

Dominic O’Brien, director at Spaceway, said:

“We’re really pleased to offer agile workspaces and bespoke office furniture in our fit out solutions. It’s always exciting to see an organisation make the steps to upgrade its workspace for the benefit of its staff’s wellbeing, and we believe a healthy office is a happy one.”

If you’re looking to get your staff on their feet and boosting productivity, get in touch with Spaceway today on 0800 085 1022.