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Upgrade to LED lighting with Spaceway to save on energy bills.


June 2013

By Dominic O'Brien
Director, Owner

Dominic O'Brien

Spaceway is now offering its clients eco-friendly LED lighting solutions for offices, warehouses and factories.

warehouse-led-lighting-2 dsc-5

The difference between standard light fittings and the new LED light fittings can be clearly seen in the photo. The warehouse on the right has standard fittings, while the warehouse on the left new LED light fittings.

The benefits that the LED lights offer include:

  • Five year no quibble warranty, based on a duty cycle of 24/7 operation.
  • L70 rated for 100,000 hours at 25ᵒC (light output will exceed 70% of new for in excess of 100,000 hours). Most T5 & T8 tubes have a life of less than 20,000.
  • No flicker detectable by the human eye, which makes it ideal for production and office areas. Metal halide and fluorescent tubes are known to cause headaches, migraines, eye strain and discomfort
  • Visual acuity, as the Aqualuma LED lights provide a continuous illumination across the full visible colour spectrum. This enhances clarity of vision and makes it ideal for production environments.
  • No mercury in the Aqualuma LED lights. Fluorescent tubes contain mercury and is a known health hazard if a tube gets broken.
  • Instant on/off switching.
  • Low power consumption, saving you money every year

If you are considering LED lighting for a new fit out project or want to save money by replacing old light fitting,  give the team at Spaceway a call now on 01794 835600