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Spaceway celebrates a boom in office development


July 2015

Lots of people wish they worked in a spacious office with huge, skyscraper-like windows – and it’s becoming a reality for more and more workers.

The Guardian recently revealed that the amount of new office space built in central London was up by 24 per cent over the six months to March this year, which makes it the second biggest growth increase in 20 years.

Not only that, but office take-up in the city increased by 64 per cent in the first quarter of 2015 while office availability fell by 30 per cent in the same period.

Here at Spaceway we’re seeing these trends reflected across the South Coast, with businesses either upgrading their facilities or looking to get even more out of their current workplace.

So what can employers do to make the most of all this new space?

Spaceway offers a full office fit out service, from design and installation to space-saving bespoke furniture.

Over the last year, we’ve increased the office space of contact lens manufacturer CooperVision’s research and development facility without creating any additional floor space, by using our unique suspended bench desk system to us desk space more efficiently and fitting suspended monitor arms to clear desk space and provide more effective storage.

Dominic O’Brien, director at Spaceway, said: “it’s great to see more office space being built in the city to accommodate new roles and additional workers. As well as that, we’re fitting an increasing amount of offices with collaborative areas, standing desks and agile design features to benefit the health and productivity of employees.”

Glass partitioning is also a clever way to create new spaces in an office where there isn’t room to expand. Spaceways’s innovative partitioning systems can be used to create boardrooms, individual offices and receptions without wasting valuable space and retaining natural light throughout the office environment.

If your business is looking to expand or is due a refit, get in touch with Spaceway today on 0800 085 1022.