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Spaceway delivers tasty upgrade for food testing company


September 2012

By Charlie Jeary
Director, Owner - Winchester, Hampshire

Charlie Jeary

International market research consultancy, Marketing Sciences, is benefiting from futuristic new facilities thanks to Hampshire-based space solutions provider, Spaceway.

Marketing Sciences, which is based in Kent and carries out market research for food companies, required a new, improved facility for its high tech sensory profiling and analysis research unit and acquired a new premises in Westerham.

But the task was far from over once the building was secured and Marketing Sciences called upon Spaceway’s experts to refurbish the building and design, manufacture and install purpose-built equipment for the research unit, including new offices and meeting rooms.

Creating a controlled environment in order to carry out the most accurate research was at the top of Marketing Science’s agenda and Spaceway thrived on the challenge to incorporate this into its design and build.

One of the most impressive elements of Spaceway’s new design was its work on the taste testing areas. Within the new building was a kitchen, surrounded by 12 hot and cold panel tasting booths.

Spaceway designed the booths so that each individual unit was as independent as possible from its neighbour and with its own sealed hatch, to ensure interaction did not interfere with research results. Spaceway ensured aromas coming from the kitchens did not reach the taste testing areas by installing a specialist air handling unit and even specialist daylight and red lighting was installed to ensure perfect research conditions.

Spaceway completed this, as well as the office refurbishment, within just six weeks.

Managing Director of Marketing Sciences, Jane Rudling, said: “Spaceway’s input was remarkable. So many environmental factors affect the way people perceive food and the team really understood this, taking everything into account with its designs. The refurbishment was incredibly quick, which meant we were able to make best use of our new office within weeks and make a return on our investment.”