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Spaceway installs LED lighting to save money and brighten up workplaces


August 2014

By Charlie Jeary
Director, Owner - Winchester, Hampshire

Charlie Jeary

Record numbers of LED lighting installations have been requested by Spaceway clients in recent months after latest lighting manufacturer analysis proves it can save businesses up to 60% on their energy bills.

The very popular office lighting Skytile LED is a high quality replacement for the standard Cat2 recessed fluorescent lights that are usually found in offices and production areas.

Dominic O’Brien, director for Spaceway, said:

“We’re finding that more and more clients are taking the option of installing the LED lights to help reduce the running costs of their business premises. As well as the energy savings, the Skytile lighting requires zero maintenance for life and fittings are guaranteed for five years. Of course, there is the initial capital outlay for the lights and fitting themselves but we average a payback period of around two to three years with most installations”

The lighting is wipe-clean and doesn’t require tube changing, unlike fluorescent lights. LED lighting upgrades are wafer-thin, which means they fit very easily into existing lighting grids with little or no modifications required, and allow space in ceiling voids for other services such as air-conditioning and ventilation ducts. This means they work incredibly well when used with the Spaceway space saving mezzanine floor and office fit out projects.

Dominic said:

“As well as the savings to the business, offices prefer the LED lights because they don’t flicker like fluorescent lights do, so they’re healthier for staff to work under. The cool white light produced means they’re ideal for production and design areas.”

If you’re interested in having your office, production or factory space enhanced with Spaceway products please call 0800 085 1022 now or simply go to the enquiry form for a friendly, professional, prompt response.