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Spaceway undertakes exceptional pallet live project


September 2013

By Charlie Jeary
Director, Owner - Winchester, Hampshire

Charlie Jeary

Spaceway demonstrated its expertise for creating complex racking installations when it designed an innovative pallet live storage system at one of the largest manufacturers of wood burning stoves in the UK

AJ Wells’ warehouse stored thousands of stoves and associated spares and accessories, from the smallest nuts and bolts to large completed palletised stoves, but space was limited. This meant stock management and control was not as effective as it could be, and the only other option was to take on additional warehousing.

The company turned to Spaceway to help it assess and resolve the problem.

The sheer scale of the installation and the complexity meant that Spaceway’s team liaised very carefully with the client to ensure that its needs were met.

“It is vital for AJ Wells’ operatives to have fast access to spares and stoves on a regular basis, and for those items used to be replaced routinely,” we explained. “This meant that the racking system had to be efficient and well designed.”

This particular project was a challenge because of the limited space available and because it was a very busy warehouse.

By working closely with the client and drawing on our three decades of experience in designing and installing racking and shelving systems, Spaceway created a multi-functional solution that maximised the available footprint and enabled operatives to easily locate the smaller items within the store, as well as the larger palletised items and increase the storage capabilities by 50% plus within the same space. The multi-tier racking and pallet live system is almost complete and we have started the handover process.

The installation comprised of over 1,500 pallet positions on a pallet live system and a multi-tier racking system to accommodate the spare parts, with a powered interfloor conveyor running between the floors.