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Three things to consider when installing a cleanroom and high quality production manufacturing spaces


September 2015

By Charlie Jeary
Director, Owner - Winchester, Hampshire

Charlie Jeary

A cleanroom is an environment typically used in manufacturing or scientific research and when it comes to installing one, attention to detail is of the utmost importance. What’s special about the room is that the concentration of airborne particles can be controlled to specific limits. Therefore, ensuing that it is fitted correctly is vital. Here’s what you need to consider when installing a cleanroom.

Think about its use

As the name suggests, you want your cleanroom to be just that – although pedestrian use and transfer of materials are often the biggest source of contamination. This is why it’s important to consider how the room is planned out. Evaluating the most critical spaces and having controlled access points, ensure these aren’t susceptible to cross contamination from other less critical spaces.

The design and installation of a cleanroom can be a complex procedure with many specialist trades required, but Spaceway customers won’t need to seek additional contractors to guarantee its effectiveness as it’s all part of our unique design, build and installation service.


When installing a cleanroom, you need to know its classification standard and what particular performance requirements are needed for each classification. This has a considerable impact on a cleanroom’s installation, maintenance and energy cost. Typically, the more sensitive the required job at hand, the tighter the cleanliness classification should be.

Spaceway’s cleanrooms are all ISO Standard 14644 certified, which is an internationally accepted standard of cleanrooms and associated controlled environments.


A well-sealed cleanroom is a must to be able to control the airflow going in and out of it, which is determined by the space cleanliness classification. Each classification has an air change rate that should take the expected activity within the cleanroom into account. There are also other variables to be considered, such as how many people are in the cleanroom, what’s happening inside it, temperature and noise levels.

Spaceway has designed and installed cleanrooms for the UK’s leading pharmaceutical and biomedical companies and our track record speaks for itself. Take a look at this recent installation we constructed and built for OGM.

A cleanroom is a highly efficient performance machine, but when poorly constructed they fail to do what they were designed for. We pride ourselves in our ability to install the highest quality cleanroom. If you’re looking for a reliable and professional installation get in touch with Spaceway today on: 0800 085 1022

Using the latest steel flush glazed partitioning systems, coved floors/ ceilings, material transfer hatches, airwash lobbies and the correctly specified mechanical equipment to achieve the required airflow, filtration temperature and humidity controls.