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Racking and Shelving Accessories

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We are able to offer a comprehensive range of accessories to compliment our range of Pallet Racking and Shelving systems

Mesh Decking

Anti Collapse Mesh

The Anti-Collapse System represents a simple yet cost effective method of avoiding many accidents in the storage and handling of pallets in and on racking systems.
When anti-collapse mesh is fitted to the rear of a pallet rack it prevents goods from falling out and causing injury to personnel or damage to goods. Today, anti-collapse mesh is used in all types of warehouses from the small manually-operated warehouse to the fully-automated crane installations.The anti-collapse mesh system is based around six standard panels that can be adapted to suit practically all modern racking systems. The panels are attached to the racking uprights using brackets and then bolted together to give the desired width and height. A choice of two mesh sizes lets you combine safety with economy. You can also cut the mesh panels to achieve an optimal fit.
Anti collapse mesh

Mesh Decking

Mesh decking (also known as wire decking) is a pre-manufactured strong & cost effective alternative to timber. Strong welded wire mesh decks simply drop into place and are excellent for storing individual components, cartons and irregular loads.

Mesh decking is fire retardant and maintains the integrity of overhead sprinkler coverage.

mesh decking smaller

Timber Decking

We supply a range of timber decking for pallet racking installations. Kiln–dried timber is sourced from the Scandinavian and Russian soft wood market.

Our manufacturers’ machining facilities allow customers to choose between a fine sawn, planed, or tongue and grooved finish depending on the application.

With comprehensive loading tables and stress charts, Spaceway offers its customers expert advice on the timber thicknesses required for any installation.

Timber Decking

Upright Protector

Protect the lower section of the uprights against fork truck collision damage. Available in ‘U’ shaped or right angled configuration. Upright Protector

Steel Shelf Panels

Steel panels span a pair of beams to provide wide bay steel shelving. Made from pre-galvanised steel.

Pallet Foot Support

Used in pairs across the beams to support box or caged pallets which have corner posts, skids or feet. Pallet Foot Support

Shelf Support

Fitted to stepped or box beams, provides support and greater load capacity for shelving. Cladding location bracket also show Shelf Support

Fork Spacer

Used in pairs across beams to provide fork entry spaces. Provides support for and access to non-palletised loads. Fork Spacer

Drum Chock

Locates on the front beam and cradles one end of a drum or barrel. Prevents lateral rolling of drums or cylindrical items. Drum Chock

Barrier Rail

Barrier rails help comply with today’s Health & Safety regulations. Barrier Rail

Rack Sentry

Rack Sentry strength is in it’s simplicity – it simply clips onto your existing or new racking without the need for further fixings and quite simply, it works! Rack Sentry

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