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BS 5454 – Mobile Shelving Recommendations

Mobile Shelving Recommendations

Back up to Secure Document Storage - BS5454

Requirements of BS5454 Mobile Shelving

  • A site visit from the manufacturer is essential to assess floor loading requirements and advise on the most suitable storage system
  • The mobile system should be installed onto tracks which are leveled to support the mobile bases
  • There should be a minimum gap of 25mm between runs to help air circulation
  • The smooth movement of bases will ensure items cannot slide or fall off shelves
  • Security locking can be incorporated to provide security for a closed mobile system. This will prevent un-authorised movement and enhance user safety
  • It is important that the operation of all mobile systems can be undertaken with one hand by operating a geared manual assisted drive system
  • The length of the mobile base will be limited by the imposed load on the base
  • Mobile systems with a height to depth ratio of between 5:1 and 7.5:1 should be fitted with anti-tip devices. Heights in excess of these measurements require bespoke designs to ensure stability of the units
  • All operators should be fully trained before using the equipment
  • The cladding of spines at the rear of every 6th run of shelving assists in controlling the spread of fire
  • It is recommended that gangways should not be less than 1100mm wide
  • Aisles should not be less than 750mm wide

What we offer

By using a shelving or space efficient mobile system – ergonomically designed and tailored to specific needs – documents, publications, archives, manuscripts, or digital data can be retrieved quickly and easily and returned for safe keeping. All mobile systems conform to recommended BS5454 standards. If you need the right answer to a growing archive storage problem then we are certain our high-density mobile shelving systems will completely meet your requirements. . Each installation is tailor-made to maximise storage capacity and provide fast access to stored archive material.

BS-5454 Mobile Shelving

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