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BS 5454 – Static Shelving Recommendations

Static Shelving Recommendations

Back up to Secure Document Storage - BS5454

Requirements for SB5454 Static Shelving

  • Shelves should possess sufficient load bearing strength for items to be stored
  • Whether the shelving is static or mobile, it is important that the mass and distribution of the load is considered when designing the archive system.
  • Shelf materials should not emit harmful emissions
  • The shelving system should allow sufficient air to be circulated around items being stored
  • Shelves should be versatile and adjustable to allow for the varying sizes and items in the collection
  • There should be no sharp edges on the shelf
  • The shelf clips should not obstruct the withdrawal of documents or items stored
  • Items should be stored upright and inboard of the outer edge of the shelf.

What we offer

We offer a choice of shelving systems, each with their own particular benefits. All systems have the same attention to safety, quality in manufacture, stability, load bearing strength and versatility. All of our document shelving systems conform to BS5454 standards.

BS 5454 Static Shelving

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