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Archivist Sector & Storage Systems BS5454

Archivist Sector & Storage Systems

Back up to Secure Document Storage - BS5454

BS 5454, ‘Recommendations for the storage and exhibition of archival documents’ is a British Standard for the preservation of archival material. Among other things, it specifies temperature and humidity ranges for document storage, shelving schemes, and materials for document container.

Who this applies to

Archivists, curators and museum technicians acquire and preserve important documents and other valuable items for permanent storage or display. You may work for a museum, college or university or another institution that requires storage systems to help preserve important records.

Your role may require you to describe, catalog, analyse, exhibit, and maintain valuable objects and collections for the benefit of researchers and the public. These documents and collections may include works of art, transcripts of meetings, coins and stamps, living and preserved plants and animals, and historic objects, buildings, and sites.

Understanding your requirements

Spaceway understands these requirements and is able to supply, deliver and install a range of storage products to assist your endeavors. All our shelving systems comply with BS5454 and if required, can be supplied as mobile units thereby making the archiving a high density storage system to ensure the items are not only secure but are also easily accessible.

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