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Carton Live Shelving

Carton Live Shelving

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As well as providing solutions to all of your storage and workshop problems, Spaceway is a specialist in analysing and suggesting improvements in the way you pick your products.

Providing Solutions

A common theme throughout many of these solutions is bringing the product to the picker. This results in shorter picking routes, greater picking accuracy and faster throughput.

The principle is simple, why build miles of shelving, with repeated products elongating your picking route? Instead, using carton live to store those repeated products behind each other and cut down drastically on the time spent walking to locate and pick.

These systems are not only the preserve of large multi-national corporations, some of our smaller customers have seen huge benefits from installing small scale versions, using the same principles.

Why choose Carton Live Shelving?

One example of this is retro-fitting carton live shelving into existing pallet racking. It is a great solution for improving on the traditional pallet based distribution warehouse, and is very cost effective.

In the example shown here, the picker has 25 different products available to pick in one bay of 2.7 m wide pallet racking, with plenty of stock behind ready to roll forward to replace the front location.

Compare this to the picking capacity of the usual two pallets on the floor, with maybe a single shelf above!

In a typical four bay double entry run, you could achieve 100 picking lanes, compared to 16 pallets on the floor and maybe 20 products above.

Incorporate push-back pallet racking above, and you can even segregate your pickers from the fork lift activity on the other side of the rack, improving safety at the same time!

This system also offers guaranteed FIFO (first in, first out) picking, ideal for date sensitive or batch controlled products.

We are one of the few UK distributors to design and construct a Picking Tunnel, using pallet live overhead with carton live below to segregate picking activity and maximise on space utilisation:

We can incorporate conveyors or specialist picking trolleys to really help speed up your picking process.

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