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Double Deep Pallet Racking

Double Deep Pallet Racking

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Double deep racking is created by placing two double sided runs together. Pallets are stored two deep and are accessed using special trucks with pantograph or telescopic forks.

We not only offer the full range of racking systems but we also supply a wide range of products to complete any individual turnkey project, which include: shelving systems, mezzanine floors, partitioning , conveyors, warehouse identification, barriers and much more.

Additional Options

We also supply a comprehensive range of barrier rail and upright protectors, as well as a vast range of racking accessories, which include: steel shelf panels, timber decking, pallet support bars, decking support bars, column guards and pallet skids.

To compliment your warehouse racking and help identify your stored pallets, we are able to supply a range of warehouse labelling and identification products. These include: magnetic and self adhesive label holders and ticket holders, run and aisle markers and load signs to name just a few.

For the protection from falling goods and collapsed pallets we offer a range of anti-collapse mesh. This locates on to the rear of the racking and protects personnel working below.


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