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Factory Mezzanine Floors

Factory Mezzanine floors can be refreshingly cheap and easy as an alternative to renting or buying additional premises.

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Spaceway have installed factory mezzanine floors in numerous manufacturing facilities in Southampton, Hampshire and throughout the South of England, and will bring a wealth of experience to your project.

Factory Mezzanine Floors


Providing the correct light levels, ventilation, heating and cooling are paramount if you want your new factory mezzanine floor production area to maximise its production capacity, the solution can be as simple as installing additional windows or a roof fan to simply circulated air, whatever your specific requirement is you can be sure that Spaceway will find the solution.

More recently energy efficiency of lighting has become an issue with this type of project as businesses try to streamline energy bills and reduce maintenance costs. Spaceway have recently fitted some extensive LED lighting installations which have helped their customers to make these savings.


Access for goods to the factory mezzanine first floor can be provided by a simple pallet safety gate for your fork lift truck to lift pallets to first floor or automated conveyors and goods lift, whatever the materials or product you want to shift between floors there is a solution to meet your budget.

The mezzanine staircase design for fire escape and access can be specified as either a standard part ‘K’ design staircase or if required as a Part’M’ Building Regulations staircase so to meet the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) regulations.

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