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Mobile Pallet Racking

Mobile Pallet Racking

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Motorised mobile racks give maximum utilisation of the warehouse space whilst allowing 100% access to the pallets.

The superstructure is fixed onto electrically powered mobile bases, which move on rails embedded in the floor. The system allows the operator to open the aisle required with a single command.

This solution allows usage of up to 95% of the warehouse space and is increasingly relevant in the drive for lower warehouse cost.

It can be used to store many types of palletized unit loads – boxes, drums, sacks etc. Alternatively rack beams can be decked out to form shelving for high density “archive” storage.

Features such as remote or computer control make mobile racking virtual conventional racking for the FLT driver



Particularly suitable for use in cold stores, high rental premises, palletised consumer goods and food products


  •     Up to 85% floor space utilisation.
  •     Each pallet supported.
  •     First-in last-out.
  •     High throughput speeds.
  •     Uses conventional handling equipment.

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