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Mobile Shelving Systems

Mobile Shelving Systems

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Mobile shelving is designed to provide efficient storage and retrieval. Whilst maximising the use of the floor space for storage, it will also give excellent accessibility to items stored. This high density storage system can more than double the storage capacity of conventional static shelving or simply free up valuable floor space.

How the system works

Our mobile shelving systems are the most effective way of saving space, as it eliminates the need for several access aisles. Because the shelving moves along floor tracks, the space for only one aisle is needed. When an item is required the particular shelving bay is identified and an adjacent aisle is created by moving the mobile units apart, mobile shelving is opened and closed by either hand operated pull handles, hand wheel driven mechanical systems or electrically operated using small electric motors with push button control.

Security for your storage

Additional benefits of this system include the efficient location of items and security – mobile units can be closed and locked together to prevent unauthorised access.

Roller racking or mobile racking provides much more efficient space utilisation compared to static shelving or conventional filing solutions such as cabinets and cupboards. As well as saving space, mobile storage systems are ideal where sensitive or expensive items are stored because the shelving can be closed up and locked to restrict access.

To compliment any high density storage project, Spaceway also provide a wide range of static shelving systems designed for office, archive, library and industrial applications.

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