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Pallet Live Racking

Pallet Live Racking

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Spaceway has years of experience in providing Pallet Live systems for the storage of pallets, guaranteeing the FIFO (First-in-First Out) principle, dynamic pallet live provides extremely high volumes of storage within a given area.

Pallet Live Racking

How it works

Pallets are loaded into specific lanes on either a full width or twin track roller system depending on the weight and quality of the pallet. When a pallet is removed from the pick face, the next pallet automatically rolls into position and replenishment stock can be loaded into the other end of the lane. This means stock rotation is automatic with minimal fork lift truck movement to handle the flow of goods. pallet-live-illustration

Where it can be used

Pallet Live is often used in Warehousing and Distribution to store batches of the same product, (without the handling difficulties of Drive-In racking) In the food and beverage markets, the FIFO operation is particularly important.

Pallet live is also common in manufacturing areas for storage of raw materials. Good examples of this are, bulk food, metal processing and packaging materials.

Two pallet deep storage for case picking under pallet racking, ideal for cutting down on replenishment times and reducing travel distances. This can also be used under our Carton Live system, providing a total system for any product size.

Pallet Live Features

  •     Storage according to the FIFO-principle – goods stored first are taken out first – allows easy control of sell-by dates and production batches
  •     Efficient preparation of dispatch at the loading dock
  •     Significant reduction of travel times
  •     Good overview of all items on stock
  •     Increased productivity due to separate loading and picking aisles
  •     Increases in efficiency of up to 60 % over conventional racking
  •     Customer specific solutions – tested with your original storage units
  •     Automated loading and/or retrieval possible

The system can be designed to store wooden, metal or plastic pallets up to 1500kgs in weight. Please contact us to discuss your requirements in more detail

Apart from allowing good volume utilisation, FIFO-based pallet live storage solutions also provide economic advantages. By grouping together all the pallets which make a complete lorry load, it is possible to reduce both lorry waiting time as well as travel time for in-house transport. The increase in efficiency over conventional racking can be up to 60%.

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