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Push-Back Racking

Allows up to 50% more stock in any given storage area

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Spaceway have years of experience in providing Push Back systems for the storage of pallets. Working on a first-in, last-out basis, LIFO, dynamic push back racking provides extremely high volumes of storage within a given area. Ideally suited for long term bulk storage, cold stores and marshalling areas.

Our dynamic push back pallet racking system allows up to 50% more stock in any given storage area. It is a cost effective system that is an alternative to drive-n racking and has the additional benefit that all locations can be loaded or emptied without moving adjacent pallets.

Push Back Racking Image

We have two push back systems; one being a cart system and the other a full width roller bed, this ensures we can meet any requirements.

How it works

 Utilising floor space effectively, dynamic push back is one of the most space and time efficient means of pallet storage available. Pallets are loaded in sequence onto either wheeled carriers of differing heights or full width rollers and are pushed back along inclined lanes to fully utilise the depth of the racking. Pallets can be stored up to six deep and when a load is retrieved the remaining pallets roll forward into position at the picking face. push-back-illustration


The applications are varied, but push back racking can be used in the following ways:

  • To collate loads ready for dispatch, for example in marshalling areas or distribution hubs.
  • In freezer and cold stores where a single picking aisle maximises the available space.
  • Above picking aisle to store buffer stock, this is useful when segregating pickers from fork lift activity.


  • Space-saving storage according to the LIFO principle
  • Particularly efficient for 2 pallet deep storage and short side on handling
  • Reduced lane incline makes this solution ideal for low building heights
  • Optimum utilisation of the available warehouse height
  • Constant availability of pallets at the picking side
  • Optimum adaptation to all types of pallet skids or feet
  • System also accepts pallets with bad travel characteristics

Apart from allowing good volume utilisation, FILO-based push back storage solutions also provide economic advantages. By grouping together all the pallets which make a complete lorry load, it is possible to reduce both lorry waiting time as well as travel time for in-house transport. The increase in efficiency over conventional racking can be up to 60%.

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