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Small Parts Storage

Small Parts Storage

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This comprehensive range of highly adaptable products are specifically designed to bring order to the storage of small parts.

Small Parts Shelving

Products include Plastic Drawer Units, Containers, Louvred Panels and Feeder Trolleys – all of which can be used independently or combined to form a complete, fully integrated storage system. Anything from screws, springs, nuts and bolts to small tools and components can be stored neatly, securely and logically for fast, easy stock rotation – important when dispatching or checking stock for reorder.

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Any situation where a range of small lightweight parts need to be stored.


  •     Maximum use of space to ensure a range of parts can be stored.
  •     Organised and tidy to ensure a quick picking speed.
  •     Time efficient when stocktaking.
  •     Simple colour coding of containers to tailor your individual needs.

Plastic Containers

These containers are tough, attractive and adaptable. Available in six sizes and four colours, they can self stack or be hung from louvred panels – utilising valuable, normally wasted storage space.

Louvred Panels

Containers can be shelved, or hung onto special louvred panels, to fit on to shelving ends, walls, bench units, trolleys or free standing racks – putting your small parts tidily where you need them.

Plastic Drawer Units

These high impact plastic units provide the perfect answer to small parts storage problems in the factory workshop or storeroom. Drawer units fit Stormor Mono, Duo and Euro shelving range.

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