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Mezzanine floor staircases

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As well as designing, building and fitting your mezzanine floor, we can provide all the extras such as staircases in order to make your project a success.

JJB Sports Stairs

Our staircases can be supplied suitable for warehouses, offices or even highly prominent stairs suitable for retail enviroments.

Building Regulations ‘Part M’ Compliant Stairs

A Part M ‘ambulant disabled staircase’ will have the following characteristics.

  • The rise of each step is between 150 – 170mm, and the going at least 250mm.
  • A maximum of 12 risers before a landing are required (up to 16 in small premises where space is restricted).
  • Materials for treads should not present a slip hazard, especially when wet.
  • Tread nosings should be highlighted
  • Clear tread width should not be less than 1200mm and the landings at least 1200mm long.
  • The overlap of treads should be no more than 25mm and avoided if possible. There is continuous handrail on each side of a flight and landings.
  • Handrail should extend safely at least 300mm horizontally beyond the top and bottom of a flight of steps
  • The vertical height to the top of the upper handrail from the pitch line of the flight of stairs is between 900mm and 1100mm, and from the surface of a landing is between 900mm and 1100mm.
  • Its surface is slip resistant and not cold to the touch.
  • Its profile is either circular with a diameter of between 40mm and 45mm, or oval preferably with a width of 50mm.
  • The clearance between the handrail and any adjacent wall surface is between 60 and 75 mm.


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