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Warehouse & Storage Mezzanine Floors

Warehouse & Storage Mezzanine Floors are the quickest and cheapest way to gain additional space.

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Warehouse storage mezzanine floors designs for a warehouse area use should be well lit, have good access and adequate means of escape in case of fire.

Warehouse Storage Mezzanine

Accessibility and Efficiency

Access for goods to first floor can be provided by a simple pallet safety gate for your fork lift truck to lift pallets to first floor or automated conveyors, simple mezzanine lifts and full goods lifts, whatever the materials or product you want to shift between floors there is a solution to meet your budget.

Spaceway specialise in the design and build of racking and shelving on and under mezzanine floors so you can maximise the space efficiency of your warehouse operation and get the very best return on your investment possible.

Health and Safety

The mezzanine floor staircase design for fire escape and access can be specified as either a standard industrial steel part ‘K’ design staircase or if required as a Part ‘M’ Building Regulations staircase so to meet the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) regulations.

Depending on travel distances and mezzanine floor design some staircases may require fire enclosures and the underside of the mezzanine floor may require fire protection.

Usually if the new mezzanine floor area exceeds 50% of the original floor area the mezzanine structure will need to be fire protected. Fire escape staircases should lead directly to an external fire escape door or protected route out of the building. Fire alarms and smoke detection are required along with emergency and exit lighting to the underside and in the void space above the mezzanine floor.

Spaceway offer professional free and friendly advice regarding the design of mezzanine floors so they comply with the latest building and fire regulations.

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